Field Relay release notes
Field Relay release notes

Speedy equipment inspections

AUDIENCE: Safety Admins, Account Owners

TIER: Standard, Professional

Equipment inspections are integral to tracking preventative maintenance, and keeping your team safe. Many of you are already using the equipment inspection module (👏), but now we've taken the process one step further.

When you go to the equipment section, and click to view a piece of equipment, you will see a QR Code for Inspection button. Clicking this button will download a high-res QR code that's specific to that piece of equipment. When scanned by a phone or tablet, the user will be taken to the associated Equipment Inspection list for this piece of equipment. The relevant inspection items, and equipment will be preloaded for your users.

From vehicles to hand saws to message boards, feel free to print stickers for each piece of equipment. This will make the inspection process super easy on your worksites.