Field Relay release notes
Field Relay release notes

Setting weekly safety targets

AUDIENCE: Safety Admins, Account Owners

TIER: Professional

What if those running your worksites could measure how they were doing for the week?

We know that worksites get busy and people forget to perform certain tasks.

The issue is real:

  • People might learn less on the worksite
  • Hazards are not being offset enough
  • Equipment doesn't get inspected
  • Worksites aren't checked and documented

Found under your Worksites, We've just released a widget that will help worksites understand their numbers over a single week.


Now, with Weekly Safety Targets, you can help your teams see where they need to "up their game".

Setting worksite safety goals is simple:

  1. Set your target numbers
  2. Inform your worksites they can now self monitor
  3. Monitor performance

Note: If you don't want these to display, simply leave each target as zeros. If you only want certain targets to display, leave the unwanted ones as zeros.

Imagine teams hitting their safety targets each week? For you this means no more emailing, texting, phoning, or meeting to remind people.

Add your safety targets now. You can set them under the administration menu between Equipment Inspection Lists and Users.


After you've been using this module for a while we hope to implement the following:

  • An easy to access report for all of your worksites
  • Ability to set specific targets for each individual worksite (currently, the set target numbers are global to all worksites)
  • Notifications to worksite foremen / managers that they're missing their targets

The saying is, "What gets measured gets managed". This new widget will allow your worksites to be the best that they can by achieving their goals.