Field Relay release notes
Field Relay release notes

Release notes

AUDIENCE: Everyone

TIER: Standard, Professional

Five quick updates released last night.

  1. Actual Cost on your Incident Closeouts, is no longer a required field. This gives you time to receive quotes and calculate the real cost. Using this field will help you calculate your total incident costs at the end of the year.
  2. If a sketch, diagram, or notes are not uploaded to an incident's statement, there's now a message indicating that nothing was uploaded.
  3. When someone is working alone, you can now link from the working alone page to the Site-Specific Hazard Assessment that initiated someone working alone.
  4. When controlling Formal Hazards Assessments, you can now identify whether the hazard is a Safety Hazard or a Health Hazard.
  5. On Formal Hazards Assessments, "Signed by" is now "Approved by".