Green vs. orange checkmarks

Now that you have the ability to add attendees after a safety activity is completed, we have included an indicator in the feed for you. Safety items with the orange checkmark have been completed, but still require some signatures. Safety items with the green checkmark have been completed, and all signatures present. We're sure this will help in tracking down those that need to sign.

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 11.37.30 AM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-24 at 11.54.57 AM.png

QR codes to view competencies or certificates

There are many instances where QR codes might be printed, or attached to an item in the field.

Under a user's profile you have the ability to download a QR code. Using your phone's camera, scanning a QR code will take you directly to that specific worker's profile. This is the simplest way to access a worker's competencies or certificates, while on the worksite.

One use case for this is to provide a quick way to see if a worker has the required competencies prior to starting a task. For example, is that user competent in running a specific piece of equipment? Are the competent in completing that required documentation? Are they competent in loading that trailer? You get the gist.

Another scenario might be when a user is required to produce proof of a certification. Scanning their QR code gives you quick access to items like their: first-aid certificate, proof of licence, TDG documentation, etc.

QR codes are meant to be printed, so don't hesitate to use them on id cards, stickers, crew sheets, etc.


Emailing completed incidents

Under certain circumstances incidents are reportable. Whether it's to a prime contractor, OH&S, or management, we make your job easy. If you are a Field Relay admin (typically the safety team or account owners), you have a new Share widget to send your incidents to internal or external people. Simply add who should receive the email, and we'll handle the distribution. We're sure that this will help in your required incident reporting. Note, an incident form must be complete before it can be shared.

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Monthly user activity

If you're responsible for monthly reporting on user activity, you're going to love this. Under the Directory, we've just added a rolling 12 month window of a user's activity. You'll get counts on both Items Attended, and Items Organized. That's two less spreadsheets for you!

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.24.09 PM.png

Screen Shot 2020-06-02 at 3.18.56 PM.png

Adding late attendees

We've rebuilt how late attendees are added to a completed form (eg., Field Level / Site Specific Hazards Assessments, Toolbox Meetings, etc.). Users will no longer have the ability to click "edit" to add their name. Additional attendees will need to view the completed form, and scroll to the attendees section (where the existing signatures are). Users will see a button to click "Add Attendees".


Once clicked, they will be taken to a page to choose the attendee, and then sign. This process helps to maintain the integrity of the form, and it's much less clicking!

Restrict viewing of documents

Looking to post management-only documents? Now you have the ability to hide documents from basic users. Many companies have pricing, quotes, project plans, or crew lists that need to be tied to a project without everyone seeing them. Now you have this capability by using the Visible or Hidden option. This feature is available in Site Documents and the Resources section. We hope you like it!


Closed safety activities

Stay on top of worksites or teams that are not fully completing their safety activities (toolbox meetings, site-specific hazard assessments, inspections, etc.). We've added a percentage to the reporting section for closed safety activities. At the end of the day you should be sitting at 100%. If not, you have an activity that is still open, and it likely requires one or more final signatures. You want to see a green checkmark next to each item in your safety feed.

Check this percentage often. It'll save you time at the end of the month.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.01.46 PM.png

Categorize your Resources

You can now quickly create categories for Resources to help users find what they're looking for. Group similar documents or links under the same header. For existing Resources, simply edit what's there and add the category. For a new Resource, include a category from day one.


Finding incomplete safety forms

Nobody likes being caught off guard at the end of month when reporting is due. Incomplete safety activities can leave you searching for the regular culprits. Here's a tip to quickly find any incomplete safety activities.

Anything in the feed that has a green checkmark is complete. Those without a green checkmark are either happening now, or left incomplete. From the Feed, click the In Progress filter, and viola! Only your incomplete activities appear. Chase down those bad apples to complete their forms and get that TPS report in on time.


Your safety feedback & ideas

Help make your worksite safer. Those in the field now have a direct line to the safety team. If you see something that needs their attention or you simply have an idea on how to make your worksite safer, use the "Safety Feedback / Idea" link. Found under the green "(+) New" menu (on desktop) or the green "(+)" menu (on mobile), this will send the team an email with your thoughts. It's everyone's responsibility to keep people safe at work. Don't be a passive bystander.